karadjordje 2karadjordje 5Djordje Petrovic, leader of Serbian people- the supreme leader of the rebels, was called by the Turks Karadjordje Black Djordje), and was born in 1762. in Sumadija's village Visevac. He was a trader, brigand and often in conflict with the Turks. He volunteered for the Austrian-Turkish War (1788-1791) on Austrian side, and then the people's army Hajji Mustafa Pasha against the “janicari” (Turhish soldiers)

At the assembly in Orasac in 1804. he was elected as the leader of the rebels. As a strategic and commander of the army he has demonstrated exceptional abilities. The most important battles against the Turks were obtained thanks to, above all, his determination, courage and capable command.

As the head of the state administration he took care to ensure the unity and independence of Serbian authorities.

After the military collapse of the 1813. he sheltered in Austria, and later moved to Russia where, as implacable fighter against the Turks, took ideas from Greek heterista about the united struggle of Christian people in Balkans for national liberation

He returned to Serbia in 1817, but by the order of Prince Milos Obrenovic, who felt it wasn't good time for fighting in that moment, killed on 25. January the same year.

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Astute scientist and best interpreter of Serbian history Radovan Samardzic gives us this image of Karadjordje during the preparation of the uprising:

"In the company of one guy, with little porridge, dried meat, hard cheese, corn and brandy in his bag, always armed with more than it's marked, Black Djordje, as lanky and light- footed as he was, visited all shortcuts in Sumadija and regions across the river Morava, and at first he found his knowledge about the country and opportunities of hills, forests, water and not-well-known paths in future warfare against the Turks, but the main objective of his silent and invisible detour of Serbia was to visit and know better every significant landowner, concillate him for the national cause and to check how much is each of them determined to fight for it."