karadjordje 3

First Serbian uprising didn't brake out spontaneously or even unprepared. For it's beginning necessary preparations were made. Confirmation for this is the event in the monastery Voljavca in the summer of 1803. at the monastery celebration, when at the monastery attic, Duke Matija Jovcic from Topola was talking with Karađorđe and Gaja Pantelic not to start an uprising at that point. Karađorđe agreed with Dragutin Milutinovic that with Milos Kabadarac weapons should be supplied from Germany. After the events in Voljavca Karadjordje sent Gaja Pantelic to national leaders to start preparing people and to widen the network for uprising.

Less than five months after the meeting in Voljavča, preparations for the uprising had already been completed and it had to be to reach an agreement before winter. Orasac was defined as a place where it should happened, a meeting place was the house of Stevan Tomic at the day of St. Archangel Michael. Host Stevan was preparing a wedding for his son Maxim, so it was natural that for a dual cause to assemble a large number of people. When the wedding was far gone, quietly and unobtrusively, Archpriest Atanasije and everyone else made their way to a nearby gully.Prudent priest Atanasije maintenance lengthy speech, clearly realizing that the most important prerequsite for this joint venture was unity, and that the greatest danger was treason. The assemblage was completed with an oath and participants dispersed in the belief that the venturewas brought to an end. Based on this agreement, the conspirators gathered at the second gathering in Orašac in 1804. This time Duke Marko Savic was marrying his son Luka. As it was decided about the uprising in 1803., an officer and commander should be selected who would lead an uprising against the Turks. There were distinguished people at the gathering , which is indicated by the fact that five proposals for a commander were given.

Radovan Samardzic said: "Obviously, at a meeting in Orasac in 1804.Karadjordje wasn't randomly selected as a national leader in the rebellion. They knew, everyone, both his character and actions that he had already took. In fact, he bacame the leader at the beginning of preparations for the revolt. And his strategic idea of the rebellion was extension of his way to prepare people for the collective rebellion."