karadjordje 4

Historian Milenko M. Vukicevic found out that, appart to Karadjordje, at Orasac gathering the main people were:
Archiepriest Atanasije Antonijevic, Stanoje Glavas, Hajduk Veljko, Vule Ilic Kolarac, Milosav Lapovac, Djordjic from Visevac, Jovan Krstovic from Bukovik, Aleksa Djukic from Banja, Arsenije Lomo, Tanasko Rajic, Janicije Djuric, Marko Savic Orasac Duke, merchant Teodosije Maricevic, Aleksa Jakovljevic, Koracica Duke Vicentije Petrovic, Topola Duke Matija Jovicic, Mihailo Badzak from Jagnjilo, Matija Karatosic from Kopljari, Miutin Savic from Garasi, Marko Katic from Rogaca “and many others”.

Assuming that this is obviousVukicevic hasn't put on this list Petar Jokic to whom he refer to and whose dialogue with Karadjordje Orašačka he stated in this set. Thus, 22 participants were in the first set in Orasac 1803. and on Candlemas in 1804. Apart from these, Milenko M. Vukicevic found 43 more participants of gathering in Orašac on Candlemas in 1804. It is estimated that the total assembly was attended by about 600 people.

Another coeval and participant in the events, Petar Jokic, describing preparations for the uprising in the area around (Poplar, Zabar, Saranovo, Trnava, Jagnjilo), succinctly states: "We came quickly in Orasac. There was Karadjordje, Glavas, archpriest of Bukovik and all those who are on in the day of Saint Archangel and about 500 people more and our number was around 70-80 and there is already quitecroud. They were very glad to see us, and we were glad to see them. Assembly was made.”
Taking everything into account, Petar Jokic gave more accurate estimation of the number of participants of Orasac gathering, because his experienced military eye could not be wrong a lot.