Military Organisation


Ustaničku vojskuRevolutionary army was made from the people. Collecting the army was done on a geographic basis, with occasional military training. An important part of the army was composed of former outlaws and refugees from neighboring areas under Turkish rule. Following the example of European countries at that time, Serbia at the end of the 1808. was introduced in the regular army, which has been dependent by the state. Each nahiye, depending on the population, formed one or two companies so called “regulasi” which means they were regular army.
Regular army consisted of infantry and calvary and had important number of fighters on cannons.
Great importance for the defence of the country had fortificated border camps and diches

Military obligation (“vojnica”)

General military obligation had been imposed by the 1807. proscribed following commitments:

If there were 1-3 strong and capable men in the house, army is considered only one
If there were 3- 5 strong and capable men in the house, army would have take two
Widows' homes with their children were free of any military service and burden
One kind of military service could be replaced with another
Personal substitution was possible both among cooperative members in the house and outside the cooperative
If necessary, in the army would go all able men