Along with the development of the liberation struggle, from 1804. in rebellion Serbia, on the basis of the dukes' governments, started organization of national government.
Supreme government body - “Prviteljstvujušči Soviet” was established in 1805. as a central administrative and legislative body. It was composed of representatives of all liberated nahiye and performed administrative, financial, military, judicial, diplomatic and educational and cultural affairs, and some part of ecclesiastical administration.
Leader of the uprising Karadjordje Petrovic had jurisdiction of the SupremeCommander, by the Constitutional Act from 1808. and was recognized for hereditary “supreme leader”.
Capital reorganization of the government was performed in 1811. when were introduced ministries and the Great Court.
Eastern Orthodox Church in Serbia at the time of the first Serbian uprising regarded as a national institution, which was helped and protected by the restored state. The church had national character, and was involved in liberating in its whole to endeavor of Serbian people, although in terms of of canonical jurisdiction, it recognized Constantinopole Patriarchate ant its bishops in Serbia.