panorama 9 Protection and arrangement of parts of Orasac villae, the area in whish were held an agreement to start a rebellion in 1803., than The Assembly for the beginning of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804. and the first act of burning Turkish han in 1804., started in late sixties of 20th century.

in 1968. - Republic Institute for Nature Protection carried out a survey of all the natural conditions of the area in which these events were held. The space includes three protection zones in the area of 39.71 hectares. Council for Urban Development and Municipal Services Program has adopted the study.

in 1969. - By the Decision No. 01-06 of 26.12.1969.General design of spatial natural memorial monument "Orašac" was prepared by the Institute for Nature Protection.

in 1970. - With document No. 03-6\25 of 14.04.1970. Council for Culture of Arandjelovac put, under state protection, part of the village Orasac as natural physical memorial monument.

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in 1979. - Republic Institute for Cultural Monuments Protection, on the basis of preliminary researches and The Law on the Protection of Cultural Goods, declared part of the Orasac village to notably sight. Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the community Culture Council decisions declared complex Orasac as sights of great importance (

in 1980. - The decision No. 03-06/25 1980. is reached for implementation of protection measures.

in 1983. - Institute for Cultural Monuments Protection in Kragujevac formed draft Decision on proclamation of Orasac famous for cultural property, adopted by the Assembly of Arandjelovac No. 06-148/1983 the surface of 68.90.22 hectares, which divided the narrow space and wider zoneof protection.
"Infoplan" from Arandjelovac in cooperation with the Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kragujevac and the Republic Institute for Nature Protection, access the Spatial plan of special purpose spaces for notably sight "Orašac", which was adopted by the Municipality of Aranđelovac, defended the Republic Commission for Urban Planning and placed in front of the Serbian parliament for adoption.
This planning document is scheduled to area known as “Celova glavica” for central monument dedicated to the First Serbian Uprising as protected zone "A", which includes the area Maricevica gully with a memorial fountain built in 1954., the church built 1868 -1870, Memorial School 1932., tomb of Teodosije Maricevic (moved to cortyard of the church), village semetery, Jakovljevic's and Marko Savic's homestead, and zone “B” as wider zone od protection which includes areas around zone “A” with less strict protection.